What is Chico Equestrian Association?


Chico Equestrian Association is made up of an enthusiastic group of Butte County residents who enjoy horses and horseback riding.


We are fortunate to have our own special spot located inside Chico's beautiful Bidwell Park, a huge, tree-filled municipal park that begins in Chico's quaint downtown area and extends north-eastward up into the rugged, rocky foothills. Nestled in an area just below the foothills is CEA's home, which includes a club house, a fenced riding arena, a dressage arena, and a round pen. From this location, riding trails lead off in all directions, allowing riders to explore the park.


Annie Bidwell, who gifted  Bidwell Park to the community back in 1905, said that horses should always have a place in the park. CEA members firmly agree and are dedicated to seeing that Annie's wishes are carried out. Our group also helps promote community awareness of horses, and we donate funds to horse-related organizations. Furthermore, we provide plenty of fun and educational activities all year long for our members and the community. CEA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. 


This calendar contains CEA and other local equine events. If you'd like to add an event to the calendar, let us know by filling out our contact form.

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